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The Oracle


Alex began her career in content after graduating from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors in psychology and classical studies. She returned to Bangkok to work at a branding and publishing company, where she learnt the ins and outs of branding, content creation, and publishing. 


While there she got to work with clients that ranged from NGOs in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania like Plan International, UNICEF, IPBES, and ActionAid to name a few. Advocacy work involved design direction for reports, websites, and training manuals, as well as brand identity refreshes for conferences and events. She also had her first foray into content creation for the tourism and hospitality sectors, working with brands like Baros Maldives, Sofitel So Bangkok, Bangkok Airways, InterContinental, and Marriott. She dove deeper into hospitality working as a copywriter for Minor Hotels, crafting content for Anantara, AVANI, and PER AQUUM properties in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


After having then spent almost four years working as a copywriter and content manager for one of the most luxurious hotel families in the world, Alex and her husband decided it was time to do something for themselves. 


In her spare time, Alex loves nothing more than reading, bothering her family and friends with unusual air crash investigation stories, pretending to be a half decent gardener, and doting on the Chief Napping Officer, Philip (the cat).

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The Paladin


Dylan has had an incredibly diverse career to date. He graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa with a post-graduate diploma (PGDM) in marketing management, and an undergrad in organizational psychology and human resources management. 


From the outset, he naturally fell into the world of business development, which has taken him on a journey beginning in hospitality, meandering to financial services where he worked for one of the largest independent financial advisories in the world, in Bangkok, as well as for the most forward-thinking asset manager in South Africa, his home country.


Thereafter, he saw himself gravitate more towards digital marketing. Starting with a large property portal mainly dealing with digital and print media in Bangkok, he segued to entertainment where he experimented with, and succeeded in, event promotion. Having then worked with a fast-growing digital marketing agency in Bangkok, he specialized in digital strategy and project management. Working with a range of industries including electrical contracting and HVAC to fitness, skincare and more, he and his wife quickly realized that starting something of their own would give them the ability to provide the quality of work and level of service that is, quite simply put, a rarity in this day and age.  

When he’s not working, he loves spending time with his family and friends, going for long walks on the beach, drinking particularly blue or pink cocktails (preferably while on those long beach walks), playing video games, enjoying good music and napping with his cat, Philip (the CNO, also referred to as the Chief Napping Officer, at Profectum). 

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The Abacus


A California native working in Asia since 2019, Kieran Hyland is experienced in an array of industries and functions spanning from fintech sales and digital marketing to venture capital and private equity operations and consulting. With a vastly different industry focus in each position, the common thread that has allowed Kieran to succeed is his ability to effectively and concisely convey the value of the product or service he is providing and more importantly, the mission of the organization he is supporting.


This collection of experiences paired with a degree from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business led Kieran to create a US based consultancy, Sonoma Coast Consulting (SCC), right after graduating. SCC quickly expanded to employ about a dozen professionals working on projects first across California and then across the US. 


Feeling confident in the organization he had built in the states, Kieran ventured first across Europe and then Asia looking for a suitable market to bring SCC to, landing first in Malaysia and then in Thailand where he currently serves a global portfolio of clients. Kieran and SCC are proud to join Profectum Marketing to be able to better serve his clients in the ways of marketing and branding while also learning from two of Bangkok’s best, Alex and Dylan. 


In his spare time Kieran is a rather simple man and can be made happy with swimmable water, motors, good food or any mix thereof. Growing up with friends from all walks of life, he is perfectly content to be in the hustle and bustle of a thriving city but also enjoys the tranquility of a small town or village. It is for this reason Kieran prefers to travel around Thailand as often as he can. He is also a professional bone breaker having broken well over 30 bones in his lifetime. 

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The Butterfly


Pauline is a half Thai-French boss lady who grew up in Bangkok, Mumbai, and Dubai. With her degree in Communications from Bangkok University, and having spent a semester at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, Pauline has worked in marketing for many brands in various industries including insurance, real estate, interior design, and luxury skincare in South East Asia.


Pauline has worked with skincare and make up brands including Fenty Beauty, Ole Henriksen, Supergoop!, Foreo, and Make Up For Ever on their Public Relations plans which included, the year plan and activations for the launch of products/brands, selecting appropriate key opinion leaders for the brand, cross collaboration between brands, press kit creation, media collaborations for articles and content both online and offline, as well as events for the product/brand arrivals in Thailand.


Growing up in a multicultural society, Pauline understands different market niches and just how challenging they can be. From cultural nuances to consumer behaviour, she has gained a diverse perspective on the global marketing landscape.


In her free time, Pauline enjoys the art of cooking and loves nothing more than sharing the fruits of her culinary endeavours, swooning over architectural magazines and websites, and schooling her friends on all the catch phrases in Mean Girls.