Content Marketing

Not too long ago, the online landscape has led to a change in the way that brands did business. Currently, how we experience our world is being shaped by a combination of social networks, apps and media. This has forced brands to be creative in how they cut through the noise, be seen as well as be worth a follow/like/share.

There are so many directions that one can take with content marketing. Think of it as the finishing sauce that really brings your brand’s dish together. The whole point of content marketing is to stand out, be unique and show customers why your wares are special. Google wants to see regular fresh content that demonstrates your knowledge, creativity and expertise.

The approach to content marketing differs from industry to industry similar to a brand’s thumbprint. There is no single approach for content marketing as every audience is unique, so constant market data analysis is necessary… Knowing your customers inside and out is essential to developing an effective and compelling content marketing strategy. Your audience often directs your content marketing strategy, and if you pay attention, they’ll tell you exactly what to do to keep them engaged.

How can content marketing work for me?

Like this: You already know search engine optimization is vital to finding your business online, but did you know it can be done on a budget? Enter…damn good content. The truth is, keywords are less complicated than they sound… because, if you really know what you are doing, the right keywords will fall into place along the way, and Google will become your new best friend.

Did you know? And this may sound ridiculous, but over ninety percent of Internet users never click past the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) for any given search. Google considers over 200 ranking factors when crawling your brand’s content, but one of the most basic ranking factors to ace the test is keyword-rich content on your website, blog, social media pages, and SEO optimized photo and video titles. High quality, relevant, and consistent content marketing and SEO optimized metadata can help your company rank organically. With more than seventy-percent of the click-pie going to the first organic result, the results often tend to shock.


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