Public Relations

Slingshot your brand to new heights and reach your target audience with a dynamic PR strategy that captivates and builds priceless marketing tools: hype and credibility.

Here are some reasons why PR is a business tool worth investing in:

1. Brand Credibility

Garnering placements in media and being in the public eye makes your brand more genuine.

2. Reach Your Target Audience

Speak to your audience in a language and manner that connects with them. An article in a glossy magazine or an interview with the right media outlet has been shown to have more of an impact than an advertisement in the same magazine.

3. Brand Value

PR can be used as a tool to grow brand value through unique and creative customer touch-points. This works to make your brand stand out from the sea of competitors. Visibility means raising your profile, managing and growing your reputation, and adding a new angle to your sales funnel. 

4. Lead Generation

All media placements function as short and long-term lead generation methods. The more eyes on your brand, the more likely someone is to buy.

5. Brand Image

Quality PR drives brand growth, boosting awareness for your brand while maintaining a positive image that resonates with your customers.


Product Seeding to Media and Influencers 


physical and virtual events


Product Launch Campaigns


Media Pitching (short and long Lead)

Press Releases


Content and Calendars For Media and Influencers 


Buzz and hype Creation